24 Ways IFTTT Can Automate IoT in the Home and Office+

If you love technologies that make your life easier (who doesn’t?), you might have heard of the automation platform IFTTT. IFTTT is a popular tool for power ..
4 months ago

Google Hangouts: The Best Way to Communicate with Friends Online+

If you’ve been a Gmail user for a very long time and hadn’t discovered the advantages that you could enjoy with Google Hangouts, worry not. You aren’t ..
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Unroll.me – Free iOS App to De-Clutter your Mailbox!+

While browsing through mailbox on your iPhone, how many times do you secretly wish for a tool that could automatically take care of the junk? If your ..
9 months ago

Is the storage space on your iPhone clogged?+

Irrespective of how often you backup your iPhone contents or how careful you are about deleting the junk and redundant files off your phone, you would often ..
9 months ago

Cyber Monday Shopping Tips you need to Know Today+

Online shopping takes on a new meaning every year – it shatters all previous records and creates a series of new ones; certainly, this year’s not going ..
9 months ago

Black Friday Shopping Ideas to Kick Start your Plans!+

There’s just a few more days left for Black Friday. If you don’t want to repeat the mistakes of last year’s shopping, you better devise a plan ..
9 months ago

Top Five Ways to use IFTTT and Simplify Your Life+

If This Then That (IFTTT) – is the ultimate web-based service that you could have asked for that helps to simplify your mundane chores. You read it ..
10 months ago

Top three recipe-based websites for a memorable cooking session!+

Whether it’s the formal dinner that you’re hosting next weekend or the special meal you’re planning to cook up for your date – a little help won’t ..
10 months ago

Have you backed up your WhatsApp content in Google Drive Yet?+

To let you enjoy seamless connectivity; WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, has now introduced a feature that enables you to backup all your chats, images, videos, et ..
10 months ago

iPhone-Android Cross Platform Apps that Promise Seamless Connectivity… Always+

Cross-platform apps not only keep you easily connected, they also help you to share your thoughts and ideas instantly. Here’s a list of the handiest five cross ..
10 months ago

iYogi: Empowering IoT innovators with a Cloud-based open IoT platform+

For achieving success in the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses require a reliable, efficient, and scalable infrastructure. In ..
10 months ago

Top 5 Tricks to Tame Google Play Store+

One thing that distinguishes Android from iOS is Google Play Store. It gets frequently updated, and provides an array ..
11 months ago

Mobile Etiquettes – What’s Really Right+

Mobile phones, especially the smartphones have transformed the way people communicate, relate and behave. With new rules of communications, the norms and protocols too have come of ..
1 year ago

Top 5 computer myths you need to let go today!+

Our computers, or for that matter any gadget that we own, typically end up becoming our lifeline. We love them, take care of them, and in several ..
1 year ago

Top 10 Internet Hacks No One Told You About+

Did you know that by adding “?.jpg” at the end of any URLs, you can easily hack and start using the much wanted Wi-Fi at airports? The ..
1 year ago
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iGrill Mini – A Smart Upgrade for Your Grill Toolkit+

Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s not a grill, but a smart grilling thermometer with an app, which spares you from the task of monitoring temperature ..
1 year ago

iYogi sets up its first Global Technology Services Center in North America+

Selects Argo Marketing of Maine as delivery partner, paves the way for a technology led services opportunity for the State ..
1 year ago

Customer Experience 2020+

Customer Experience in VUCA World The shift towards a consumer-oriented world, which led by companies like Apple and Google is truly transforming the global marketplace. Now, every company ..
1 year ago

IoT: The Internet of new business opportunities+

The unparalleled connectivity among all devices combined with large amounts of data creates new conveniences for users and consumers, and new opportunities for enterprises. These can translate ..
1 year ago

iYogi launches cloud open IoT platform for the world+

This is the first enterprise grade platform in India, built on Microsoft Azure platform iYogi launched its Digital Service Cloud Open IoT Platform in India ..
1 year ago