Minimalist Tumblr themesBlogging has entered a new era, and —  sorry WordPress — it’s Tumblr that will become the face of blogging in this era. Tumblr specializes not just in attracting the masses of teenage hipsters but also in post types; a concept only recently born to the blogging community.

All these different post types, however, can quickly clog a screen and make a page look ugly. But no fear; here’re a few minimalist themes to keep the chaos in order.


Drifter takes a black-and-white, Courier New-esque approach to Tumbling. It’s a two column theme — one for content, the other, smaller, for a description and links — and the theme looks something like the print from a very early printer from a very early computer, but it is beautiful nonetheless.

Almost all the text is in full black with the exception of the Notes text, which is grayed out a bit and difficult to see. Nothing but what is necessary is visible in this theme.

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A Fine Line

A Fine Line is another two column theme — one for content, one for links — but, despite its appeal to some users, the font sizes seem a bit disproportional. It is, however, a more responsive theme; posts and images gray out when hovered over.

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Minimalism, meet color. Echo is a faded white theme that, while retaining a minimalist look, adds some spice. There’s a pixel-high bar of color atop each post and the font, a standard sans-serif, changes appearance with regards to italics and color from time to time. Individual posts stand out — or pop out, rather — and the theme is, again, a two columner; one for content, one for links and description.

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Inkhorn is another black-and-white theme that takes a printing-press style approach to fonts. It looks like a bulletin from the late seventeenth century, to be honest, and I love that about it. Instead of following pattern and using one column for content and the other for links, both columns are used for content, creating a newspaper-like effect. Links and whatnot are above the columns.

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Atonement v2.0

The revision of Atonement is beautiful and gives a colorful and “social media,” web 3.0 sort of feel to minimalism. Post types are identified via an icon and a post’s notes, permalink, tags, and even ‘Tweet This’ links are placed neatly beside each post in a subtle and modern fashion.

The font is a simple sans-serif one and boasts a gray color with an exception for links and headings; those are blue. Author avatars are visible at the bottom of the theme.

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Freytag brings the grid to Tumblr. The theme begins with the blog title in bold and, on the same line, its description and then, on the next line, links and the author’s avatar. Then the fun begins. Posts are displayed as squares, four to a row, across the screen. Only the necessary information is shown; pictures, body copy, and citations.

Fonts are black and white, small, and sans-serif. It is, overall, a beautiful piece of work, especially considering the troubles in engineering a grid.

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Image by visualpanic via Flickr (cc)