9 most subscribed to women on YouTubeWhen three former PayPal employees — Chad Hurley, Steven Chen and Jawed Karim — set about founding YouTube, they couldn’t possibly have envisioned the success that the “Tube” would attract.

The idea grew out of a dinner party at Chen’s home in San Francisco, in the winter of 2004-05. Guests had made videos of one another, but they were unable to find a medium to share them easily. The founders envisioned a video version of Flickr, the popular photo-sharing site. The vision of user-generated video was thus born.

Today, YouTube has eight hundred million unique users a month, and generates more than three billion views a day. Forty-eight hours of new video are uploaded to the site every minute. Collectively the world spends about 2.9 billion hours on YouTube per hour. It has ensured its place as a truly global media platform on earth.

So, where the women at?

While the demographic divide suggests there are slightly more women (52:48) on YouTube than men (in terms of users). Out of the top 10 most-subscribed YouTube channels of all-time women hardly manage to find a place. Not all bad news though, Jenna Marbles recently edged out Kevjumba to break into the top 10.

This piece of info provoked us to ask the question — which women wield the most influence on YouTube? We can hardly consider a Selena Gomez or a Miley Cyrus on our list, because well let’s face it — these are women who would viral their way to victory on the Homeland security official page if we put a video or two up there!

Michelle Phan — The beauty guru

Michelle Phan is a Vietnamese-American make-up artist who is at present the second-most subscribed woman on YouTube, she specializes in makeup and beauty tutorials sometimes posting under the online alias ricebunny. Phan attended Ringling College of Art and Design and Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Phan joined Youtube on July 18, 2006 and has created over 200 videos. As of February 2012, her videos have garnered over 530 million views. Her channel has over 1.8 million subscribers!

Kandee Johnson — Celebrity beauty tips on the ‘Tube’

Kandee Johnson is an LA resident who much like Michelle Phan has a background in makeup and beauty especially for celebrities. This mom of four kids has managed to secure a spot in the top 100 most subscribed on YouTube channels for her beauty station.

Johnson’s channel has over 140 million views and is fast becoming one of the most watched beauty hubs on the net.

Elle & Blair Fowler — The sister act

Elle & Blair Fowler’s videos of makeup tutorials and clothing hauls quickly garnered a large audience and rose in popularity. While the two do come of as plastic-ish in some of their videos, numbers don’t lie!

Their two channels juicystar07 and AllThatGlitters21 have gathered nearly 300 million views collectively. If that wasn’t enough the two have another couple YouTube channels — EllesGlitterGossip and otherjuicystar07 which also feature in the most-subscribed list.

Brittani Louise Taylor — Trolling with the Taylor

Brittani Louise Taylor disproves the commonly held view that women cannot be as funny as men. She is zany, quirky and just plain talented. An actress whose in-your-face style gets to you, she has a way with her comic timing that I personally have rarely encountered given the cat-centric comedy that engulfs YouTube at times.

Jenna Marbles — Lady Marble-ade is No.1

Jenna Marbles came to prominence as a blogger for sloollala.com, which is a now-defunct sister site of barstoolsports.com. Through barstoolsports, Jenna gained fame with her video “How to Trick People into Thinking you’re Good Looking”, which had over 5.3 million views in its first week. The video was very well-received especially by the female demographic.

Her channel has attracted near 400 million views. She is now the only woman in the top 10 most-subscribed YouTube channels list.

Natalie Tran — Tran-tastically funny

Natalie Tran is a 25 year old Australian “tuber.” Tran’s videos of humorous monologues and skits acted out by her have garnered her communitychannel in excess of 400 million views. Earning her the title of the most subscribed Australian YouTuber. Her humorous rants are a treat to watch and she comes across as a witty observationalist comedienne.

Here’s Natalie doin’ her thang dissin’ reality (television that is) .

Justine Ezarik — I can haz no cheeseburger

Justine Ezarik’s iJustine channel has garnered near 250 million views in total. Her simple rant about a cheeseburger craving gathered nearly 7 million views- proving that her pretty face has not hurt the cause either. Perhaps the blondie’s comic timing combined with her drop-dead gorgeous looks are a recipe for YouTube fame.

Here’s the infamous cheeseburger rant.

Christina Victoria Grimmie — Gotta love Zelda

Christina Victoria Grimmie is a nearly 18 year old cover singer and is better known by her YouTube username zeldaxlove64. She has covered some of the top artists of our time ranging form Justin Bieber to Katy Pery to Lil Wayne.

With over 1.5 million subscribers to her channel she has become the fourth most subscribed musician on YouTube. No mean feat for a teen! Here’s her chillin’ to some bangin’ dubstep.

Megan Nicole — Auto-tune be damned!

Over the past year, Megan Nicole, an incredibly talented 17-year-old singer/songwriter, has proven to the world that she has all of these remarkable qualities and more.

This up and coming artist comes as a breath of fresh air in this auto-tuned world of ours, aptly proven by her 184 million+ views.

Here’s her singing ‘b-e-a-utiful’: